Candidate Justin Snider responds to Joe Barton not seeking re-election

“it is the end of an Era”

-Candidate Justin Snider

For Immediate Release

Arlington, TX , “After hearing the story, I had no doubts that Barton would be dropping out of the race, but we need to push this even further”, Justin Snider has said today upon hearing that the Incumbent Republican Challenger, US Representative, Joe Barton, will not be seeking re-election in 2018. “Barton should step down from office and not finish his term”. Congressman Barton has currently served 32 years in Congress.

His choice to not seek re-election comes days after photographs and social media messages have surfaced where Barton exchanged messages and photographs of sexual nature, with Adult Women. “Joe Barton abused his place in office to carry out a form of harassment on a constituent and someone who thought they could trust him with their concerns”, Snider said today.

Justin Snider is running for Congress as a Representative of the people. Snider is passionate about and will support legislation regarding Income Equality, Immigration Reform, supporting Term Limits, LGBT causes, Women’s Health Care and Military/Veteran Services and looks forward to continuing the race and focusing on the issues.  

Candidate Snider’s Campaign Contacts:

Kelly Miller, Campaign Manager

PO Box 120181
Arlington, TX 76012

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