Meet the Candidate

Justin Snider for Congress

Justin Snider for U.S. House Texas 6th Congressional District

Born and raised in Arlington, TX, I grew up spending much of my time learning about electronics from my dad, construction from my uncle, and farming, business, and financial responsibility from my grandad. These skills helped foster in me a sense of responsibility, patience, and innovation. After I graduated from Martin High School, I worked in various small retail positions and waited tables to get by. I learned the difficulty, as a young adult, of living paycheck to paycheck while attempting to gain financial stability. In my mid-twenties, I was hired as a locksmith, and later decided to venture out on my own. April of 2017 will mark ten years that I’ve been in business.

This professional success allowed me to get heavily involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign. Alongside other community leaders, I lead the efforts to organize the grassroots movement behind his campaign, as well as the delegates headed for state convention. I earned a place as a National delegate to the Democratic Convention. Once the campaign ended in summer of 2016, my efforts became focused on pushing for progressive issues and policies at a local level.

As my attention turned to my district, which has been represented by Joe Barton for over thirty-two years, I decided this would be a good place to begin my efforts. None of his opponents have been able to secure more than 40% of the vote. In order to defeat a career politician, a winning campaign should aim to bring individuals together, to revolutionize the way everyday Americans approach politics, and to showcase the success of a campaign that is supported by the community. I realized that if I wanted real progress to occur, I would have to step up and be that change.

I am running for Congress not as a politician, but as a representative of the people.