Snider for Congress gains National Endorsement

Arlington, TX, October 6, 2017-Justin Snider, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives, Texas-District 06, has received an official 2018 Endorsement from Freethought Equality Fund (FEF) PAC in Washington, D.C.

Freethought Equality Fund is committed to support candidates who share the belief in the separation of church and state and in defending civil liberties of all Americans.

In previous election cycles, Freethought Equality Fund has backed US Congressman Beto O’Rourke, TX-D16 (2014) and Andrew Zwicker (2017) member of the New Jersey General Assembly.

“Snider is a successful small business owner and a local community organizer. His experience as a Bernie Sanders delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention reinforced the need to promote progressive issues and policies at a local level; challenging Barton would be a good place to continue his efforts to bring reform and
change to our political system.”

-Freethought Equality Fund, 2017

Full endorsement and support of Justin Snider:

Candidate Justin Snider, Endorsed

Arlington, TX, January 26, 2018Justin Snider, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives, Texas-District 06,is one of five Texas candidates listed, who are supported byRevolution Funding, a non-PAC, progressive action group, sponsored by Delegates and Friends for Bernie Sanders (2016). As a non-PAC, Revolution Funding focuses on supporting candidates from the top to the bottom of the ballot, by providing direct access of donations to candidates who stand for change.

Per Revolution Funding website: “Revolution Funding is not a PAC.  We do not take your donations and disperse them through all the candidates we list.  We are here to offer each candidate’s direct links so you can choose who to support and where to contribute.  The Revolution only continues if people get involved and support candidates willing to work for us.  If you don’t donate, how will these candidates purchase the tools they need to spread the word and get out the vote?”

Full endorsement link can be found at:

 Actress Susan Sarandon donates to Snider for Congress!!

Arlington, TX-Political activist, humanitarian, and Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon has donated to Justin Snider for Congress! Ms. Sarandon best known for her roles in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bull Durham and Dead Man Walking, was an outspoken supporter for Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary, in which Snider was a National Delegate. Sarandon continues to speak out against injustice and bias in our nation’s broken political system.

“I want to personally thank Ms. Sarandon for her donation and her action at the 2016 National Convention. Her presence (as well as the crowds of fellow activists at the convention), to urge the DNC to choose the strongest candidate to go against Trump, helped us gain strength as we walked into the convention where we were not wanted and propped us back up as we left. As Hillary Clinton was trailing by 5 points in the polls at that time, and Bernie Sanders was well ahead, we saw the loss to the Republicans in June of 2016, rather than in November as the rest of the Nation saw it. So thank you Susan Sarandon for your fight, you are a warrior for justice and I’ll continue to fight with you.”- Justin Snider

Mr. Snider is running to represent District 6, which includes most of Arlington, Mansfield and Ellis and Navarro counties. This seat has been held by Republican Congressman Joe Barton since 1984. Snider for Congress is extremely honored that Susan has chosen our campaign to donate too and we continue to stand as the progressive voice for change in District 6.

Your donation, along with Susan’s, will be much appreciated as well!

Donations to Snider for Congress may also be made through Act Blue at: Donate


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Donations to Snider for Congress may also be made through Act Blue at: Donate

Candidate Snider’s Campaign Contacts:

Kelly Miller, Campaign Manager

PO Box 120181
Arlington, Texas 76012